PR Fail: Balls Vodka and Gay Marriage (MAYBE?)

One of my favorite pastimes, back when I used to be a professional blogger, was making fun of press releases for ridiculous products.  It's not always the PR person's fault when something is horrible - some products, like this crystal-encrusted wine wand, just can't be saved.  But in other cases, there's a magic confluence of stupid product and badly-conceived PR that makes me so incredibly happy that I have to share it with everyone I know.

Enter "Balls Vodka."  The puns are, of course, endless.  "You never want to be without the right size balls" is a great way to point out that bottles come in many sizes!  

Check out that busty lady!  How can you NOT buy this vodka?  

Well, if you're a gay man (and therefore not the target audience for busty ladies) you might be able to resist.  Though her fetching strappy sandals almost brought me back.  And gay men do love balls, now that I think about it. 

Balls decided to capitalize on the recent gay marriage decision with a release entitled "A Little 'I Do' and Balls Vodka."  And they created an adorable photo of a guy putting a not-quite-ring (it looks like an onion ring, but could be a piece of cheese or a napkin ring) on another guy.  

Except, of course, no heads.  So it might not be two guys. It might just be a man and a woman who happen to be talking about getting married the week after the most exciting thing to hit marriage since the invention of the cupcake wedding cake.  You don't want to go TOO far with the pandering to the homosexuals. 

To Balls, everyone.  The vodka whose tag line (which is particularly appropriate to the situation) is "Don't act like a Mary unless your name is Mary."