Anthony's 2016 Dining Reviews

It's been a little while since I've updated my portfolio, but that doesn't mean I haven't been writing up a storm. In addition to freelance pieces, you can find my work nearly every day at Chicagoist.  And one of the most exciting things about my work there is that I get to do really-for-real anonymous dining reviews.  Not a ton, not one every week, but enough to keep my critical claws sharpened. 

So, in case you want a bunch of my recommendations in one place, here are (most of) my dining reviews from 2016.  

- I went back to the Milk Room and, surprise, it's still freaking amazing. 

- I found a new favorite steakhouse.

- Latinicity ... isn't great. Especially their flagship restaurant, Pata Negra.

- On the other hand, Revival Food Hall rocks. 

- Despite a new chef, you still can't good food with a view in this damn city, at least not at Cite. 

- I continue to really like the Winchester. 

- Food writers disagree strongly on this one, but I am in favor of Imperial Lamian. 

- I was pretty lukewarm on Snaggletooth. 

- C Chicago (or Ocean Cut) is in the running for worst meal of the year. 

- I have a strange obsession with Millie's. 

- Steadfast surprised me with how good it was.